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Parallel Processing Methods in DataStage

A data warehouse is a central integrated database including data from diverse source systems in a company. The data is transformed to purge the inconsistencies, then aggregated to summarize data and lastly loaded into the data warehouse. The database can be accessed by numerous users, ensuring that each group in an enterprise is accessing […]

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Important Questions and Answers on DataStage

1.     What do you mean by Data Warehousing?
A data warehouse is the chief repository of an organization’s historical data, its corporate memory. It holds the raw material for management’s decision support system. The data analyst can perform difficult queries and analysis, including data mining, on the information without slowing down the operational systems. Data […]

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DataStage Architecture and Components

What is DataStage
DataStage is an ETL tool used for extract data, transform data and load data into data warehouse or into data mart. It is also used for data integration in operational data store, Teradata, Oracle, data warehousing, DB2 and SQL server.DataStage can manage metadata also and can schedule, monitor the jobs in DataStage.
DataStage […]

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Learn DataStage Online at datastageonlinetrainings

DataStage is one renowned ETL tool which is mainly used to achieve the data to load into data warehouse. We offer DataStage online training for DataStage aspirants. ETL is defined as Extraction, Transformation and Loading; and this tool extract data from numerous, heterogeneous systems, then purify, merge or combine and load thisinto multiple target […]

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Learn the New Features of ETL by DataStage

We provide an excellent DataStage Online Training by our experienced and talented faculties. Our DataStage Online Training includes the topics on Data Modeling, ETL process, installation process, Differences, Components of DataStage, Introduction of IBM WebSphere, DataStage Designer, Palette, Containers, Job Sequences area and quality stage.
DataStage Components and Modules
DataStage Modules consists of DataStage Administrator, DataStage […]

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Datastage Architecture | Datastage Online Training

DataStage is an ETL tool and it uses a graphical representation to build data integration. Datastage is available in various versions.

We will discuss here about Datastage architecture.

The dataStage architecture is a client-server architecture. We have different types of client-server architectures. DataStage 7.5 version was a standalone version where DataStage engine, service and repository (metadata) […]

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DtaStage Overview and Development

Data Stage is used in large organizations as an interface between their systems which takes care of extraction, translation and the loading to the systems. The Data Stage interfaces are called “jobs” which can be configured in such a way that they can run on single servers as well as multiple servers in a grid […]

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DataStage Online Training

Datastageonlinetrainings.com is one of the best places to learn Data Stage online training which improves your Data Stage skills for enormous growth in your profession. Data Stage online training will helps you to be familiar with the tools and also makes your skills to code ETL jobs. We provide you high exposure on real-time […]

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