What is DataStage

DataStage is an ETL tool used for extract data, transform data and load data into data warehouse or into data mart. It is also used for data integration in operational data store, Teradata, Oracle, data warehousing, DB2 and SQL server.DataStage can manage metadata also and can schedule, monitor the jobs in DataStage.

DataStage Architecture

DataStage allows users to develop the jobs in the Server or in Parallel editions. These editions uses the parallel processing capabilities for processing data and it is ideal for huge volumes of data.

DataStage Components

It has three components, namely DataStage Designer, DataStage Director and DataStage Administrator.

The following are the tasks performed by the DataStage Administrator:

  • Adding, deleting and moving projects
  • Setting the user permission
  • Managing the job log files
  • Setting up the timeout interval
  • Tracing engine activity
  • Fixing job parameters
  • Issuing DataStage Engine commands from the client
  • Configuring parallel processing jobs setting.
  • Creating environmental variables and setting it

DataStage Designer:

  • Designing and developing using the graphical design tool
  • Designer uses various stages like General, File, Database, Processing stages used when developing jobs
  • The table definitions can be bring in directly from the data source or data warehouse tables
  • It can create custom routines
  • Multiple jobs can be nominated for compilation and give report after the compilation is finished


All the responsibilities of validate, run, schedule monitor jobs by the server. It also reset the job if its status is aborted.

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