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DataStage Components and Modules

DataStage Modules consists of DataStage Administrator, DataStage Manager, DataStage Designer and DataStage Director.

DataStage Administrator manages DataStage projects, manages global settings and cooperates with the system. Administrator is used to identify general server defaults, add projects and delete projects, set up projects’ properties and provides an expertise interface. Using this user can fix user privileges, job observing limits, job scheduling and default parallel jobs.

DataStage Manager is the main interface of DataStage Repository. It allows browsing and editing and it displays tables and files routines, layouts and converts the jobs defined in project. DataStage manager is mainly used to store and manage reusable metadata.

DataStage Designer is used to create DataStage jobs. Designer is a graphical and user-friendly application which smears visual data flow method to develop job flows for extracting, transforming, integrating, cleansing and loading data. This is mainly used by DataStage developers.

Director manages validating, scheduling, running, and monitoring jobs. It is mainly used by testers and operators.